100% Member Owned

1WP DAO is our first and flagship DAO paving the way to being launched on the One World Project platform. We are the driving force, the change makers who are ready to show the world how you can leverage technology to enhance the power of community, to take action while still creating sustainability, and create benefit and opportunity for all involved.

With a 100% decentralized fund, 100% member ownership and with 100% of the proceeds after launch returning to the DAO, members will feel free to participate in supporting change making projects. For this effort they will receive 1WP UTILITY tokens and all financial growth will feed back to the DAO treasury. Growth in the 1WP shall have been generated through collective effort as there is no centralsied team controlling the project once launched.

Together we can support a myriad of projects. If we allow our experience, drive, and professionalism within the community to fund, support and grow amazing projects and causes; we will be limitless.

Join our community, drive your passions, claim your 1/1 voting Equity share and DAO property rights as we launch this epic 1/1.

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Powered by Smart NFTs

The community is powered by Smart NFTs which serve as your access pass into the incubator, all access to 1WP service areas, the community governance portals as well as your investment into the community treasury which will be used to help start amazing projects and build a more decentrlaised web3 infrastructure. Treasury balances can always be viewed in real time through our Web3 DAAP

What makes them smart? The ability for them to rollup! There are 7 levels of membership. The rewards vary depending on tier group but also based on your commitment and time to projects under incubation as you will be rewarded in #1WP utility tokens when you participate on a project. So the longer are part of the #1WP you hold or stake your earned tokens you can climb through the tiers. You will be able to merge two tokens of the same tier to begin slowly moving up into the tiers above. This is designed to make the upper tiers of the project accessible to all over time and equitable for those who are limited for financial reasons. Financial limitations shouldn’t stop those who want to participate and drive others growth in the eco system while driving their own within the project.


We will be minting, come November but stay tuned for the exact date!

DAO Framework

The 1WDAO is structured following a Decentralized Autonomous Organization model, which is a democratized way for a member within the community to propose, vote and make decisions together, if approved by the majority of the group.

These decisions range from project type and people to support, the opportunities that the group wish to drive forward and the benefits and values that the group will abide by, which are very important. This also includes how the members within the organization decide to use and maintain the sustainability of the community treasury. Learn more about our treasury sustainability, tokenomics modeling and governance protocols here.

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Rewards and Benefits

Community of change makers

Join like-minded individuals who are seeking to help support projects that are working to make the world a better place; be it socioeconomic, environmental, mental health and more. Come have progressive conversations and participate with your community making friends, professional connections and of course having fun along the way.

Membership Ranges

There are multiple levels to engage with depending on your risk tolerance, financial position and the amount of participation you want within the projects you support. With the ability to level up and your earned 1WP tokens accumulating over a period of time, with any level of membership you can still work your way to the top and reap the higher level benefits for the effort you have applied inside the 1WDAO.

Participate and Engage

Spend as much or as little time as you have in the community. We understand the world is a busy place. You can just participate with voting, or help build the community, facilitate conversations, volunteer or lead project teams.

Work on Projects You Love

What skills and talents do you have that you enjoy doing? What if they could be used to help projects and causes? There are numerous opportunities to help not only the 1WDAO grow, but the projects themselves.

Network of Collaboration

We love to collaborate and work with others. As we connect together and with other projects we build the One World network into a rich and diverse place for all to participate and play together.

Supporting Projects





With a built-in project incubator directly in the platform, the DAO will be able to easily help projects from start to finish. Do you know someone who has a great project, share it with us! Visit the Incubator page or hop on Discord to let us know.

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Community Details

Community size and NFT quantity

19,825 NFTs will be available for purchase. Each membership level will have its own determined amount available. More information to come here as we finish our economic modeling. Stay tuned.

Launch Date

Phantasma, our development partner, is working for a release date end of November. We will launch the platform and mint the NFTs at that time.

Is it a lifetime membership?

Yes, as long as you do not sell the NFT. The membership will transfer to the new NFT holder “if” it is reintrodcued into circulation by the community.

Global Ambassadors

Our global ambassadors are champions of change helping to connect people into the community building awareness and helping to find impactful projects to incubate and fund. If this sounds fun, consider reaching out and apply.

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