100% Membership Model, 100% Community Owned.

1WP DAO is paving the way for the One World Project platform as its proof of concept. We are the driving force, the change makers and the community members who believe that more is possible when we work in unity to achieve great outcomes. We are ready to show the world how you can leverage technology to enhance the power of the community, to take positive action while creating job sustainability and benefits for all involved.

With full Decentralisation, and 100% member ownership, members can participate in funding projects they want to work with while receiving funds for their work. 100% of the growth rewards come back to the DAO and or individual members and this is where the collective effort of the community will drive the growth of the DAO and not from the effort of others or a centralised team.

Together we can support and fund great projects, great causes, great ideas and amazing people who seek to make this world a fairer and better place for all. Join our community and claim your equity share of the DAO property rights.

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The Road Ahead!

We have come a long way since 2021 and 2023 promises to be an amazing year as we continue preparations for a Q4 launch.

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