1WProject is building a platform, for DAO’s

One World Project is developing a framework so people can come together, in community, and support each other and the world they live in.  This will be a peer-to-peer funding platform to allow members to connect as they support each other and the causes they love.

It is peer-to-peer funding and a job network, with all the legal, financial, and voting framework built in.  DAOs can easily create a decentralized fund, owned 100% by the members who drive it.  With it, they can sustainably support projects with the built-in incubator and network within the exchange.

Public access into the exchange also creates opportunity for individuals and communities to find and support projects of their choosing with their time, talents, resources or funds.

DAO Platform

The One World Project platform has three key parts that create the thriving ecosystem.

The DAO framework provided will have a legalized structure, built-in governance mechanisms, a treasury to distribute funds and members who are driving projects to success while building assets and prospering from the growth opportunities.

Our unique incubation system also allows for community members to monetize their IP by collaborating and being rewarded in 1WP utility tokens for their services. Projects can submit, review and request resources to be voted upon by the DAO community to help with peer to peer funding or direct ownership in the project.

The DCIE, Decentralized Community Investment Exchange is a public website where DAOs and individuals can participate in helping projects by contributing time or funds. On this public exchange, individuals can participate even if they are not in DAO within the network.

Building on Multiple Chains

We are building the platform infrastructure on multiple chains. We will launch DAOs with EVM compatibility and on the SOUL network using Phantasma’s talented developers.

In late Q4, November 2023, we expect to deliver the $1WP COMMODITY TOKEN, followed by the Decentralised Community Investment Exchange (DCIE) as part of the MVP. Once these systems are operational, we’ll launch the DCIE in Beta, granting 1000 users access to operate within the ecosystem. Our Flagship DAO will be launched when the system is fully operational.

Phantasma, a Layer 1 blockchain, and Biztech, a web2 development group, will support projects within the ecosystem to build their MVPs on chain.  Phantasma Chain holds the distinction of being the first to deliver interoperable smart NFTs on an open-source community platform. Moreover, it operates as an almost gas-less, carbon-neutral layer 1 blockchain, making its tech stack impressive.

Together, we design and build an innovative system to overcome financial and resource barriers. The goal is a peer-to-peer, community-driven growth ecosystem.

Phantasma Chain

A Truly Decentralsied DAO!

The 1WP team values the true essence of decentralization and the true meaning of a DAO. The Project Team will not have majority holdings in the DAO!

80% of the fundraising capital will go directly to the DAO treasury multi-sig wallet. This will be coded into the smart contract for audit prior to the release of any funds. The final signatory on the funds to be redirected will be an elected person from a choice or legal body.

Neither the Project team or a centralized authority will have control over the treasury balance. Funds cannot be reallocated without third party legal entities’ sign-off. This will be an important feature in protecting the community’s pooled finances.

The funding decisions are made by the DAO community and the members are heavily rewarded for participation in activities such as governance decisions, project participation, and being active community members.  This builds the meritocracy. 

There will be annual governance decisions for DAO members and randomly chosen DAO leadership positions to help protect the DAO from whales and manipulation.  It will be 100% governed by the wishes of the community via the community governance voting mechanisms.

The NFTs are the unique contract interaction that will grant membership to the Project and provide access to the products and services offered in the incubator. The NFT itself will serve as a utility.

The voting system will require all persons within the DAO to be selected at random, much like jury duty except the selection will be done via code.  The leadership positions will serve in cycles to propose new governance proposals forward to the DAO for vote.

Sustainable Treasury and Tokenomics

It is critical to have a sustainable model within the One World eco-system to not only provide stability, equability but sustainability. By working with our partners at Machinations, an economic modeling technology, we can run thousands of variables to create a strong structure from which to build.

Allocation of Funds

Decentralized Community Investment Exchange, (DCIE)

We have created a revolutionary system for the decentralized financial sector. A fractionalized, consumer-to-business capital system where holders can invest time and passion into startups through a peer-to-business, Smart legal contract. This allows the individual to play a functional role in helping a project achieve its objectives while being rewarded through our meritocracy and 1WP utility token.

It is the first decentralized, community-to-business funding platform where capital and resources are available. The DCIE ecosystem will act as a flourishing jobs market where individuals can participate at the start-up stage in projects and benefit from their growth through equity ownership. This will enable any individual with access to the platform to be able to easily participate in funding projects they want to work with.

For start-up and emerging projects, it will look like a traditional trading platform where projects are rated on a multitude of community-driven metrics. Every new project that is assessed and approved to participate in the DCIE will require KYC checks and also will be requested to register themselves in our transparency model to ensure that members are always informed enhancing a fair and open ecosystem.