The PlatformOne World Project’s platform drives change by leveraging blockchain technologies to create a new financial and social ecosystem

Through this ecosystem, people can come together to collaboratively support, participate and fund projects and businesses across the globe.

The platform has three key parts that create the thriving ecosystem and create opportunity to get involved: 

DAO framework
The DAO framework provided will have a legalized structure, built-in governance mechanisms, a treasury to distribute funds and members who are driving projects to success while building assets and prospering from the growth opportunities.

The incubator
Our unique incubation system also allows for community members to monetize their IP by collaborating and being rewarded in 1WP utility tokens for their services. Projects can submit, review and request resources to be voted upon by the DAO community to help with peer to peer funding or direct ownership in the project.

The Exchange
The Exchange is a decentralized community investment exchange is a public website where DAOs and individuals can participate in helping projects by contributing time or funds. On this public exchange, individuals can participate even if they are not in DAO within the network.

Key Features

Overcomes challenges associated with investment access

Accessing resource/funding via One World Project’s innovative blockchain platform is far more accessible than through other more traditional funding sources

Legal, compliant and safe – regardless of location

Your data and funds are protected within the platform. For example, the DAO uses an institutional grade treasury management system (the same as any traditional bank). The platform is legal and compliant in all countries

Global connections

The platform creates a global network to connect ideas, talent and communities

Empowering both individuals and communities

Individuals, start-ups, investors, and entrepreneurs can all take advantage of the platform; whether that be through gaining investment or investing their resources themselves. Groups are able to take advantage of the DAO software to enable equitable, community driven decision-making