Our Mission

The ONE WORLD PROJECT aims to create freedom in the way we work, play and support each other. The power of community can be leveraged in technology by building a financial ecosystem that enables them to collectively participate, fund and support impactful projects, businesses and communities.

We seek to support, empower and build communities that can change the world as we know it, for all to benefit.

Let’s be that change.

Our Senior Project Team

Meet our talented team of change makers!

Nicholas Gibbs

Charlene Martin

Irving Lizardo

Vida Clement
Communications Director

Benny Malveaux
Operations Director

Our Friends and Global Ambassadors

Helping the One World Project to Grow!

Ben Goldsmith
Global Ambassador

Steve Harvey
Chief Risk Officer

Community Manager

Our Partners

Want to help?

Are you a changemaker too? We love to collaborate, partner and are all about the power of community. Come play!