Empowering entrepreneurs, growing businesses and communities to pursue their dreams

One World Project is revolutionizing the way projects get funded and nurtured within DAOs. We’re in the process of integrating an Incubator into the DAO network, making it effortless for our community to engage with and endorse the projects they are passionate about.

Coming to your Community SOON! 

Here’s the exciting part: DAO members have the autonomy to both financially support and actively contribute to the projects that pass through the incubator. This creates a dual benefit system where DAO members get compensated for their efforts and individual input, while the projects gain access to highly motivated and skilled individuals. It’s a win-win scenario for all involved.


Benefits for both investors and project creators

Build Global Awareness

Exposure to DAOs, Global Communities, Partners and audiences, KYC, Connect your wallet and list your project for support on the DCIE

Find Global Talent

Let Global talent come to you. List the resources you require and the profit sharing your willing to exchange for those services and make your dream a reality. The only cost is a small set up fee for your identity NFT and the digital wallet for payment.

Access to Ecosystem Services

Access amazing partnership service offerins that provide great value to any project. This includes services such as business development planning, legal and advisory, accounting software, web2 development, data storage and many more.

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