Become a World Ambassador

The Global Ambassadors Program unites passionate individuals, fostering social change and facilitating the establishment of new international partnerships. By serving as a human link, these ambassadors bridge the gaps between their communities and the abundant resources available in the 1WP.

This collaborative model empowers individuals to engage internationally at the community level, opening doors for participation in international commercial development. The 1WP ambassadors play a pivotal role in establishing relevant connections between projects and facilitating underserved communities’ access to valuable resources.

Designed to recognize and reward our most active and dedicated community members, this program aims to amplify our project’s reach by spreading the word and attracting new entrepreneurs and community members to join the cause.

The program encompasses three distinct levels, each offering increasingly valuable rewards and abundant opportunities to actively participate in the “One World Project.”

The Road Ahead!

Level 1: @Ambassador

To attain the Level 1 Ambassador status, you simply need to actively engage with your local community and bring aboard 10 individuals to join the One World Project. Additionally, you should refer 5 entrepreneurs to our platform. Once you accomplish these goals, you will progress to the next level, @International Ambassador.

As a Level 1 Ambassador, your dedication will be rewarded with 1WP tokens. Furthermore, upon being up-rolled to @International Ambassador, you will receive a generous allocation of 10,000GM tokens.

Level 2: @International Ambassador

As an @International Ambassador, you will play a pivotal role as the One World Project expands into new regions. You will assume the leadership position within your country, responsible for organising local events, recruiting new members, and actively promoting our project.

In addition to the rewards bestowed upon Level 1 Ambassadors, you will receive an additional 25,000GM tokens as an acknowledgement of your accomplishment at this level.

Level 3: @Global Ambassador

TThe highest echelon of the Ambassador Program is exclusively reserved for our most committed and accomplished community members. To achieve the esteemed @Global Ambassador status, you must continue to recruit new members and entrepreneurs while exemplifying exceptional leadership skills.

As a @Global Ambassador, your efforts will be met with an increased daily allocation of GM tokens. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to receive a top-tier NFT during the launch phase, signifying your status as a true insider of the One World Project.

So, why wait any longer? Commence your journey of new opportunity, start finding new members and entrepreneurs today, and join the esteemed ranks of the One World Project Ambassador Program. Good luck, and happy recruiting!